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Game Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in Games

Game Designer (f/m/d)

Game Designer (f/m/d)

Become a Game Designer (f/m/d) at Travian Games in our KINGDOMS game team to engage and entertain our loyal players while making the game more approachable to new audiences. 

Kingdoms is a build-and-raid MMO strategy game that puts social gameplay at the core of the experience. Players unite in kingdoms and fight for its success, making use of diplomacy, warfare, and trade.  

Teamwork is at the heart of what we do. On the team, everyone’s voice matters, and we support one another as we strive to build compelling, high-quality gaming experiences. 

As a Game Designer (f/m/d) at Travian Games, your analytical skills, player insight, and creativity will help craft game experiences that keep players coming back for the core gameplay they love while always offering new challenges. 


  • Collaborate with the development team to design and implement new gameplay features and systems
  • Create, test, and tune game rules for live operations and seasonal gameplay
  • Explore new ways to use and repurpose existing content to keep the game fresh in the eyes of the player
  • Write clear and concise game design documentation, including flow charts, mechanics descriptions, and balancing spreadsheets
  • Create and manage user stories for your design ideas in JIRA
  • Monitor player feedback and behaviour to make data-driven decisions about the design and direction of the game
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the game's systems, mechanics, and meta-game as well as the 4X Strategy/SLG game market


Required Skills: 

  • You’re a SERIOUS GAMER! You live and breathe games
  • Several years of experience in professional Game Design  
  • Can create or adjust complex mechanics and systems with attention to the player impacts and downstream effects
  • Familiarity with F2P games, especially F2P economy design and monetization 
  • Good English language skills 

Desired Qualifications: 

  • Experience developing strategy games, especially 4X strategy games on browser or mobile
  • Experience in a Live Ops game team
  • Knowledge of Interaction Design or Interface Design
  • German language skills

Our Commitment To You

  • Hybrid work: Benefit from our hybrid work policy that supports a mixture of in-office and remote work from any German address! There are four mandatory on-site company events per year, where we work together on self-defined projects and, most importantly, celebrate our successes!
  • Flexible work: Within our core hours (10 am - 4:30 pm), you decide when and where to work without crunch time. Got little monsters at home? In that case, you'll benefit from our support for childcare and Kita cooperation while you enjoy our attractive Munich headquarters.
  • Flexible vacation days: You get 30 days of vacation – that’s standard. But here comes the flex. When you see by the end of the year that you need more time off to go skiing – you can take up to 5 more vacation days unpaid. On the other hand, if you prefer fewer days but more money, get up to 5 vacation days paid out.
  • Work abroad: Want to surf at sunrise and work from your beach apartment? No problem! Up to 90 days per calendar year, you can work abroad in up to 50 countries. Just make sure you've got a stable internet connection. Hello? Oh, you’re offline.
  • Public transport support: We offer support using public transport throughout Germany. You can choose the “Deutschlandticket” as one of three subsidies or get an advantage via salary conversion for public transport tickets (pay ticket from gross instead of net and save on taxes). 
  • Make an impact: At Travian Games, you aren’t just a number. You’ll always be working on exciting tasks and meaningful projects. Express your opinions freely, and benefit from our open culture to help shape our games.
  • Personal development: We want to develop great people just as much as great games. Benefit from our regular in-house and external training to develop yourself personally and professionally. We also offer language classes in German, English, French, and Spanish.
  • Health and well-being: We've partnered with Wellpass-Qualitrain, where you can choose from 6000 partners in the sports and wellness network throughout Germany. If you pick this as your subsidy option, we’ll pay a huge chunk of the costs.  We also have an excellent bike leasing scheme, so you can get a bike of your choosing.
  • Choose your hardware: Mac or PC, iOS or Android? We've got what you need to help you excel in your craft, and we won’t judge you for what you choose… Probably.
  • Regular socials and events: The office might look quiet (due to our excellent hybrid work benefit) but don't be alarmed; we still hold social events regularly! Free food and drink on the company!

Now it's time to apply!

If you embody player empathy and care about players' experiences, this could be your role! We'll look closely at your experience and relationship with games. Please forward us your CV, a portfolio link, and a presentation of yourself in any form whatsoever.

Game Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in GamesGame Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in GamesGame Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in GamesGame Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in GamesGame Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in GamesGame Designer (f/m/d) - Job München, Home office - Together in Games
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Based in Munich, is a world-renowned self-publishing developer of online games. The company offers its customers complex and multi-layered worlds of experience that are distinguished by their gaming depth, guaranteeing long-lasting gaming enjoyment for the players. A motivated team develops and markets online entertainment for all age groups.

Working Toward a Better, Diverse Future at Travian Games 

Travian Games is a place where we prioritize building diversity, equity, and inclusion because we believe that it results in happier and healthier teams and better games. 

When we say together in games, we mean it. We're a diverse games company from all walks of life, so regardless of race, gender, color, sexual orientation, disability, pronouns, religion, size, or appearance, everyone's welcome at Travian Games. We constantly strive to create environments where everyone feels empowered, creative, and successful. We also encourage applications even if you feel as if you do not tick all the boxes.

Be your authentic you. We wouldn't want it any other way.